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Shop Fashun Launching Soon

Hi everyone ! Shop Fashun's website will be launched soon for a GRAND OPENING ! We're currently working on the site so you can enjoy the site to the fullest when it's finally launched. We're just as excited as you all are about the site opening, with just a couple more finishing touches the site will be complete. Want to pre-order any of the dresses you see on our facebook page ? CLICK HERE to contact us.

We recently asked a question on facebook titled " What size are you ? " So far in the league is Medium and Small which are typically what women end up to be but then Large comes in after and then next comes Extra Small, Extra Large and Plus Size women. We asked this question because on our store we want to provide all types of sizes for women whether your very small or very large. We currently have sizes from Small to Large in stock but we will have more sizes coming soon so be on the lookout for your size if it's not yet available.

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