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Hands Down Favorite Awards Show is The Academy Awards

Hands Down Favorite Awards Show is The Academy Awards
Thanks for the article from Rubin Osborne
No one would dare to touch my ExpertSatellite TV remote when I'm tuned-in to The Academy Awards. I even watch the pre-show and the post-show because I evidently can't get enough "star" gazing. Yep, I'm hooked. First I take note of what everyone is wearing and decide if I like the outfits or not. Then I focus on the hair styles and comment to myself or anyone within ear shot, about whether the prevailing hair trend is up hairdos or down.
The jewelry envy is next as I imagine myself being loaned millions of dollars in jewels from the likes of Fred Winston or Tiffany. I would want something classic and elegant an! d not overdone-like some stars I have witnessed on the red carpet. I can of course, critique such matters as I am in the privacy of my own home and my only listeners are less than interested family members.
It is also crucial if I can get a leg-up on what shoes the female stars are wearing. I always hope the Academy Award red carpet camera people scan up and down or a woman host is on top of things and thinks to ask them to show their shoes. Most wear shoes that cost what my last used car cost. But, a girl can dream, can't she? Last on my list is who actually wins the awards. I have my priorities.

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