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New to the Satellite World

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

I haven’t had any sort of cable TV at home in a few years. Recently I decided that it was time for me to join the rest of the world. I was shopping for a satellite provider when I came across and realized that I have been out of the loop for way too long! Last time I had cable at home I think I had about 50 channels. It was about 10 years ago and I had a very basic package. I can’t believe that right now they are offering over 200 channels in their basic packages. I am going to be on severe sensory overload once I get this on my TV at home. Since I haven’t had many channels I haven’t invested in an HD TV. I guess now I have to go out and buy a good one if I’m going to have access to all of this great content. I am getting excited just thinking about all the things I am going to be able to watch, not to mention all of the things I have been missing out on for 10 years!

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