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The South

This guest post from Lewis Beck

There’s nothing about the south I really liked before I moved here but I’m learning to get used to it more and more each day. My wife’s new job was really just too good to turn down so once we got here I spent a lot of time looking for a new position of my own. I love being so close to Charleston, though, and the people are just so nice…things are really starting to look up. Since I still haven’t found a job I’ve been doing a lot of stuff around the new house like going to and waiting on the cable guy so at least I feel useful in that respect. I know it’s not really my place but I want to help my wife do better at her job, too, so I’ve also been spending some time researching her field. I’m getting kind of interested in hotel management, actually, so I think that may be where I start to focus my job search efforts from here on out.

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